Innovation and Development Phase Project Team

Project leader / Chief Investigator (Monash University) - Dr Mathew Hillier

Project collaborators / Co-investigators

  • University of Tasmania - Dr Andrew Fluck
  • Central Queensland University - Dr Michael Cowling and Mr Kenneth Howah (Mary Tom is back-up for Michael while on leave)
  • Australian National University - Brendon Colquhoun and Beth Harris
  • Edith Cowan University - (Associate Professor Paul Newhouse ~ deceased), Dr Jeremy Pagram and Dr Alistair Campbell
  • Macquarie University - Dr Matthew Bower and Prof. Dominic Verity
  • Monash University - Prof. Marilyn Baird and Mr Scott Grant (Contact via Dr Mathew Hillier)
  • RMIT University - Assoc. Prof. Shona Leitch
  • University of South Australia - Dr Ruth Geer and Mr Bruce White
  • University of Queensland - Mr Dominic McGrath (contact point)
  • University of New South Wales Canberra/ADFA - Dr David Meacheam and Emma Betts

Project Staff

  • Mr Martin Coleman, Technical Developer, Monash University
  • Mr Lubos Rendek, Technical Developer (former), Independent consultant via Monash University
  • Ms Vilma Simbag, Project Manager, Monash University/University of Queensland
  • TBA, Research Assistant, Monash University

External Evaluators

  • Dr Deanne Gannaway, University of Queensland
  • Ms Karen Sheppard, University of Queensland

Seed Phase Project Team

Project leader - Dr Mathew Hillier, University of Queensland

Project collaborator - Dr Andrew Fluck, University of Tasmania (and project leader for the predecessor work done at UTAS)

Technical developer - Ms Marisa Emerson, University of Queensland

Technical developer - Mr Craig Knott, University of Queensland

Past technical developer - Joshua Hesketh (for work done at UTAS)

Get Involved

Contact the project leader mathew.hillier [at] or project manager vilma.simbag [at] for further information or any of the following.

Workshops and a Symposium are being run across Australia in 2018.

Site visits to us or we can come to you.

To run formal trials at your institution / course / unit.

Funding and Support

The e-Exam platform project is supported by an Australian Government Department of Education and Training grant.
The project is being lead by Monash University in partnership with eight other Australian universities.
The views expressed on this website and in the associated publications do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training or participating institutions.
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