Note: As of Dec 2018 links on this page lead to out-of-date versions.
Please get in contact to gain access up-to-date versions of our robust online client-server e-exam approach and updated administrative helper tool.

Old versions

Download e-Exam v6.0 ISO demo 'offline only' edition and administrative helper scripts.

Be sure to read the Demo setup guide that details how to turn this into a working USB stick.

Please get in contact for up-to-date versions!


A quick guide has been produced to show to the main features of the e-Exam demo. This is the 'client side' platform software that makes up the content of USB stick used by students in the exam room to boot their laptops. Go to...


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  • All written content found on this website and guides including illustrative, screen captures, and photos are released under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia.
  • The e-Exam logo is copyright all rights reserved. You have permission to view, print and copy it in the course of downloading, viewing and using the software and guides to which it is already attached, but you cannot use it on any new works, without prior permission.
  • The software (downloads) that make up the e-Exam system itself are provided under the open source GPL. All source code to be released soon.