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Transforming Exams

This project aims to securely and sustainably leverage 'bring your own devices' (BYO laptops) for high stakes, invigilated examinations.

An Australian federal government Office for Learning and Teaching grant in partnership with the nine Australian Universities was received to develop a multifaceted e-exam solution that includes both technical and procedural elements. Particular attention has been paid to concerns such as pedagogical flexibility, academic workload, student preferences, ease of use, scalability, and sustainability.

The e-Exam platform is capable of a variety of examination modes. This includes 'paper equivalent' exams where students can choose between hand writing and typing, 'post-paper' exams that integrate more question types, multimedia, simulations and additional software tools as well as exams that incorporate computer marked questions; all made available for the large scale supervised exam context. The main features are:

  • A 'whole computer', self contained, operating system and application suite
  • On-board LMS for computer marked question types (new to version 5)
  • Restricted gateway to remote LMS (new to version 5)


OLT Innovation and Development grant awarded (AU$500K): ID15-4747 'Transforming exams across Australia: processes and platform for e-exams in high stakes, supervised environments' 2016-2018.

Demonstration prototypes are now available from the downloads section. Further development continues!

Trials complete, semester 1 and 2 2014 and semester 1 2015 results are available...

OLT seed grant report now published (see OLT project page).

We are now seeking collaborators for 2016-2018; learn more...


  • e-Exam v5 desktop (demo)
  • Paper equivalent exam using word processor
  • Post-paper exam with multimedia
  • Computer marked questions using the on-board local LMS (Moodle)
  • On-board local LMS quiz with multimedia
  • Restricted gateway connection to remote LMS

Funding and Support

The e-Exam platform project is supported by an Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching grant.
The project is being lead by Monash University in partnership with eight other Australian universities.
The views expressed on this website and in the associated publications do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching or participating institutions.
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