Information and forms for Students

Step 1 Choose Exam Mode: All Students Start Here!

All students need to choose to type or hand-write the assessment item (mid semester test/exam):

  1. a) View the UQ Trial information flyer (PDF).
  2. b) Read the student research study information sheet (PDF). See also a FAQ (PDF)
  3. c) Complete the exam mode choice and study consent form ~ [PDF version] (note: you may be asked to express interest in class instead)..

Those who want to type - see next step! (hand-writers jump to Step 4).

Step 2 Attend Set-up and Practice Session

You have some options...

Option 1: Attend one of the e-Exam Practice/laptop set-up sessions (Recommended!).

Note; for those intending on hand-writing their exam you do not need to attend.

  • Session times/locations will be advised by your course lecturer or via email following completion of step 1.

All sessions are the same . Pick one! You do not need to attend for the whole duration.
Please bring the laptop you intend on using on exam day, with a fully charged battery. We recommend you also bring a wired mouse.
It is estimated that it will take 30 minutes at most for you to set-up your laptop (excluding any major technical hitches) as well as practice using the e-exam software. There will be DIY guides (see below) and staff will be on hand to help.

Option 2: DIY Practice

Warning!!! Recommended only for the very technically skilled!

2a) Create your own e-Exam Practice USB stick
  1. Download the e-Exam Practice demo version disk image file from Use the most recent version from this directory. This is a very large 2GB+ file. This is best downloaded on campus.
  2. Create an e-exam Demo USB stick by *carefully* following the instructions to 'make your own practice e-Exam USB' in the Detailed Start-up Guide. You will need a USB at least 4GB in size - warning! all data on the USB will be wiped by this process.


2b) Follow the Quick Start Guide

Follow the steps in the Quick start Guide start the computer from the newly created e-Exam USB stick.
Note: apple users just follow the steps in the green box. Windows users will need to refer to both sides.

More extensive instructions to start up your computer from the USB is available in the Detailed Start-up Guide.

2c) Follow the 'practice guide'

Refer to the DIY practice scenarios and troubleshooting tips in the Detailed Start-up Guide.

Step 3: Provide feedback and confirm your choice to type!

When you are done setting up and practising please complete the brief student pre-exam practice feedback survey.

Note: if you attended a practice/set-up session you will be given the survey sheet in the room.

Note: if after filling in the survey you want to change your mind about typing the exam please contact your course lecturer.

Step 4: Go to the exam!

For those typing their exam - please bring your laptop with a *fully charged* battery and a wired mouse.
For those hand-writing their exam - just bring your pen!

Step 5: Please Complete the Post-exam Survey

All students - after you finish the exam, please kindly complete a post-exam survey to tell us about your rationale and experience.

The survey will be provided at the conclusion of your exam.

Invited to an interview?

  1. Read the student research study information sheet (PDF) for focus group/interviews.
  2. Complete the student research study consent form (PDF) for focus group/interviews.

Information and forms for Staff

About past trials:

Information for Course Co-ordinators

We are seeking UQ academics interested in trialling the technology and approach in their course.

If you would like to proceed, please get in touch please contact Dr Mathew Hillier. He will then pass on your interest to the local UQ based team to arrange a preliminary meeting.